Welcome to MineralMAXX! Founded by growers for growers. We are leading the remineralization movement by offering the highest quality, highly mineralized, organic soil amendments.

MineralMAXX organic soil amendment contains all 21+ minerals used by plants and more than 55 trace minerals. MineralMAXX also contains PAS (Plant Available Silicon) which provides the building block of cell wall strength. This enables plants to better handle drought, heat, cold and resist salt contamination. No other material combines all these organic benefits.

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OMRI Certified Organic

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What is the Remineralization Movement?

It’s all about the basics.  Organic farming enriching your soil, plants and crops to produce the safest, healthiest produce on the planet.  At MineralMAXX, we pride ourselves in leading this effort with our OMRI approved organic Montmorillonite.  But forget the big fancy words.  In the end the goal is this, our minerals will: Improve your crop…

The Effects of Montmorillonite Clay and Compost Supplementation as Compared to Sustaine NPK Plant Food on Turf Grass

The Effects of Montmorillonite Clay and Compost Supplementation as Compared to Sustaine NPK Plant Food on Turf Grass Synopsis of Developmental Research By: Randy Ottgen Undergraduate Research Michigan State University East Lansing, MI Previous studies have shown trace mineral supplementation improves the germination rate of various grasses. This study investigated the effect of Montmorillonite clay trace…

MineralMAXX Fact Sheet

B. 2:1-Type Minerals: The crystal units (layers) of these minerals are characterized by an octahedral sheet sandwiched between two tetrahedral sheets. Three general groups have this basic crystal structure. i) Expanding type: smectites and vermiculite ii) Non-expanding type: mica (illite) Expanding Minerals: The smectite group is noted for interlayer expansion, which occurs by swelling when…

Montmorillonite Information

Montmorillonite : An important clay mineral of the approximate composition {Al4[Si3AlO10]2(OH)4}2−.nH2O with some K+, Na+, or Ca+ ions also present; it belongs to the 2:1 group of phyllosilicates (sheet silicates) and the montmorillonite or smectite group includes bentonite; most members of this group are designated expansive clays by engineers, because they can accommodate many water molecules…